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Scientific::BSP::IO::_ParNetCDFFile Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Distributed netCDF file

Constructor: ParNetCDFFile(|filename|, |split_dimension|, |mode|='r',
                           |local_access| = 0)


|filename| -- the name of the netCDF file

|split_dimension| -- the name of the dimension along which the data
                     is distributed over the processors

|mode| -- read ('r'), write ('w'), or append ('a'). Default is 'r'.

|local_access| -- if 0 (default), processor 0 is the only one to access
                  the file, all others communicate with processor 0. If
                  1 (only for reading), each processor accesses the
                  file directly. In the latter case, the file must be
                  accessible on all processors under the same name.
                  A third mode is 'auto', which uses some heuristics
                  to decide if the file is accessible everywhere:
                  it checks for existence of the file, then compares
                  the size on all processors, and finally verifies
                  that the same variables exist everywhere, with
                  identical names, types, and sizes.

A ParNetCDFFile object acts as much as possible like a NetCDFFile object.
Variables become ParNetCDFVariable objects, which behave like
distributed sequences. Variables that use the dimension named by
|split_dimension| are automatically distributed among the processors
such that each treats only one slice of the whole file.

Definition at line 21 of file IO.py.

Public Member Functions

def __parinit__
def __repr__
def close
def createDimension
def createVariable
def sync

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 flush = sync

Private Member Functions

def _divideData

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