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Scientific::Geometry::Quaternion::Quaternion Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Quaternion (hypercomplex number)

This implementation of quaternions is not complete; only the features
needed for representing rotation matrices by quaternions are


- Quaternion(|q0|, |q1|, |q2|, |q3|)  (from four real components)

- Quaternion(|q|)  (from a sequence containing the four components)

Quaternions support addition, subtraction, and multiplication,
as well as multiplication and division by scalars. Division
by quaternions is not provided, because quaternion multiplication
is not associative. Use multiplication by the inverse instead.

The four components can be extracted by indexing.

Definition at line 11 of file Quaternion.py.

Public Member Functions

def __add__
def __div__
def __getitem__
def __init__
def __mul__
def __rdiv__
def __repr__
def __rmul__
def __sub__
def asMatrix
def asRotation
def dot
def inverse
def norm
def normalized

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

int is_quaternion = 1

Static Private Attributes

tuple _matrix = Numeric.zeros((4,4,4))
tuple _rot = Numeric.zeros((3,3,4,4))

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