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Scientific::Geometry::TensorAnalysis::TensorField Class Reference

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Scientific::Geometry::TensorAnalysis::ScalarField Scientific::Geometry::TensorAnalysis::VectorField

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Detailed Description

Tensor field of arbitrary rank

A tensor field is described by a tensor at each point of
a three-dimensional rectangular grid. The grid spacing
may be non-uniform. Tensor fields are implemented as a subclass
of InterpolatingFunction from the module
Scientific.Functions.Interpolation and thus share all methods
defined in that class.

Constructor: TensorField(|rank|, |axes|, |values|, |default|='None')


|rank| -- a non-negative integer indicating the tensor rank

|axes| -- a sequence of three one-dimensional arrays, each
          of which specifies one coordinate (x, y, z) of the
          grid points

|values| -- an array of 'rank+3' dimensions. Its first
            three dimensions correspond to the x, y, z
            directions and must have lengths compatible with
            the axis arrays. The remaining dimensions must
            have length 3.

|default| -- the value of the field for points outside the grid.
             A value of 'None' means that an exception will be
             raised for an attempt to evaluate the field outside
             the grid. Any other value must a tensor of the
             correct rank.

- 'tensorfield(x, y, z)'   (three coordinates)
- 'tensorfield(coordinates)'  (any sequence containing three coordinates)

Definition at line 16 of file TensorAnalysis.py.

Public Member Functions

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def __init__
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def allDerivatives
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Private Member Functions

def _checkCompatibility
def _reduceAxis

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