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Scientific::IO::PDB::NucleotideResidue Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Scientific::IO::PDB::NucleotideResidue:


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Detailed Description

Nucleotide residue in a PDB file

A subclass of Group.

Constructor: NucleotideResidue(|name|, |atoms|='None', |number|=None),
where |name| is the PDB residue name. An optional list
of |atoms| can be specified, otherwise the residue is initially
empty. The optional |number| is the PDB residue number.

Definition at line 609 of file PDB.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getitem__
def __init__
def __len__
def __str__
def addAtom
def changeName
def deleteAtom
def deleteHydrogens
def hasDesoxyribose
def hasPhosphate
def hasRibose
def hasTerminalH
def isCompatible
def writeToFile

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

int is_nucleotide = 1

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