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Scientific::Signals::Models::AveragedAutoRegressiveModel Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Averaged auto-regressive model for stochastic process

An averaged model is constructed by averaging the model
coefficients of several auto-regressive models of the same
order. An averaged model is created empty, then individual
models are added.

Constructor: AveragedAutoRegressiveModel(|order|, |delta_t|)


|order| -- the order of the model (an integer)

|delta_t| -- the sampling interval for the time series

Definition at line 214 of file Models.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def add
def correlation
def findCoefficients
def frictionConstant
def memoryFunction
def memoryFunctionZ
def memoryFunctionZapprox
def poles
def predictStep
def setTrajectory
def spectrum

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