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Scientific::TkWidgets::TkPlotCanvas::PlotCanvas Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Tk plot widget

Constructor: PlotCanvas(|master|, |width|, |height|, **|attributes|).

The arguments have the same meaning as for a standard Tk canvas.
The default background color is white and the default font is
Helvetica at 10 points.

PlotCanvas objects support all operations of Tk widgets.

There are two attributes in addition to the standard Tk attributes:

|zoom| -- a logical variable that indicates whether interactive
          zooming (using the left mouse button) is enabled; the
          default is 0 (no zoom)

|select| -- enables the user to select a range along the x axis
            by dragging the mouse (with the left button pressed)
            in the area *under* the x axis. If |select| is 0,
            no selection is possible. Otherwise the value of |select|
            must be a callable object that is called whenever the
            selection changes, with a single argument that can be
            None (no selection) or a tuple containing two
            x values.

Definition at line 313 of file TkPlotCanvas.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def bind
def clear
def draw
def reconfigure
def redraw
def select

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _autoScale
def _axisInterval
def _drawAxes
def _hideValue
def _mouseMotion
def _mousePressed
def _mouseRelease
def _popupMenu
def _setsize
def _showValue
def _testFont
def _textBoundingBox
def _ticks
def _xmgr

Static Private Attributes

list _multiples = [(2., Numeric.log10(2.)), (5., Numeric.log10(5.))]

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